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The Frantic Four reunion section!

Hello! How ru? awright!?

First out on this section, again thanks to Luke Hargreaves; is a reunion compilation:

Reunion comp. The Frantic Four; Disc1




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Though there has beeen a few video's on here, I think the time's come to introduce a whole section for it, so here you go and welcome and enjoy!

First video is from Zürich 2009, Big Fat Mama!

First concert in video form, is:

From the Ain't Complaining tour in 88' (wasn't it? My memory slips... ;)  )
It is a full gig, a link for each song, starting with Whatever You Want, and it's a real gem of a concert with Rossi Jamming away not once but twice even, yup...Love the setlist too, though personally I'd swap WYW with Caroline, but who cares what I think, not me anyway, so here you are:

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Friday, June 03, 2011

Status Quo; DVD's: NEWS:
Awaiting a solution to share DVD's online, then I guess this section  will have had it's time. Not quite sure what to do, as the shipping is too expencive, and for the moment I do not have the right equipment either, my largest computer needs repairs, so til' I find out how and what to do, please place no orders. I'll try and think of another way this can benefit the Shona Smile org. though, as that's one of the prime motives for this section.

Thanks to the helpful fellow Quo-fans at the Status Quo message board; DVD's will now be distributed for free. Due to the sheer amount of DVD's, ca. 5 DVD's will be offered at a time.

The ones offered now are:
EOTR and NEC 82 - both full gigs.
Early Quo Vol. 1 and 2.
A critical Review of...
Neza 2003', and the abs. gem:
The Lost Files.

Also, 2nd round, the offers are; pick 5 out of the 7 offered:
Heavy Traffic; H.M.S Ark Royal

Quo Are Back In Belguim (Brussel 21.06.86')

Rock Til You Drop, The Documentary:

Madrid75 +extras from; Stafford, Bingley Hall 77' and London, Marquee 72'

Off The Road + extras; live at the Marquee 72', DWMT and Paper Plane:

Out In The Green 86':Good gig. Sound ok, guitars a tad low in the mix though. Ok set, a bit short, (edited gig I suppose), excellent pic.wise. Rick smashes into one of the double black Marshall racks, and it just about...manages not to tip.LOL

Pro-shot Germany - "Ohne Filter" 99'

If you have some of these, please feel free to pick up to three others from the list below...

Contact me or visit the Quo MB, where you'll find topics with information of others to contact aswell.
Delivery time will be a little longer due to the nature of this collaboration.

Due to the high postage in Norway, 5 DVD's will be the limit for me to send out for free; so if anyone wants more than 5, you'll have to contact Blue For you City (and others that hopefully also will offer their help - Quotiger has already helped out, and he will hopefully also be of assistance in the future) and an arrangement will probably be arranged.

The DVD's are free; all that's asked in return is a voluntary donation to the Shona Smile foundation...

-"Rare Promotions, vol.1"
-"Rare Promotions Vol.2"
- Pictures Exposed; Blackpool 2009'. (Audience recording, sound and picture avarage quality, but a very good gig, and both sound and pic. good enough to enjoy this one...)
America Swarte Plak Festival, 01.04.05. -
Temporarily unavailable...

-The Forest National Arena - Brussels 01.12.97. Great setlist, including Softer Ride (!!), Don't Drive My Car, Get Out of Denver and Roadhouse Blues, among others. Plus many of the usual songs of course. The gig starts off with WYW...Sound and pic. quality is quite good...
-UK TV Vol.3. Containing among other things: A great interview with Rossi and his first son Simon. R&P in various TV-shows; Quo&The Beach Boys playing and being interviewed. Rossi doing Give Myself To Love on a happening on a beach, wearing a VERY yellow suit! And some other cool stuff...
-UK TV Vol4. With performances in various TV-shows. Rossi's hair-transplant given quite some attention in a show called "Vanessa". Footage from the Pub-Tour promoting the UTI album, from a pub called "The Duchess" and others...Also; Rossi being very spiritual when answering a reporter. Parfitt serisouly taking up the issue of pool-safety, after he lost his daughter Heidi 20 years before this interview... Money Money Live on TOTP 2000, and Hound Dog, also live on a TV-show. Also: R&P complaing about a dressing room! But interesting to see the prep. befor entring the stage. Plus a TV-show where Rossi sticks a Q-Tip through his nose, which makes Rick sick...LOL! Jam Side Down is played aswell...

-La Cigale Paris 2002'. Not the full gig; the beginning is missing, starts with 4500X. Audience rec. with ok sound, not good but ok. And there's a little bit of extras; RAOTW from The TOTP2 Quo Special...
-VH1 - Nights; Basically TOTP's videos in VHS quality:
-Scandinavian Surprise;03/02/05, 04/02/05, 05/02/05, 02/04/05 Middlefart, Viburg, Arhus, Bremerhaven...
-St. Pölten 98'; Audience rec. Fairly good sound and pic. Roadhouse Blues is in the set(!)-The Most Files, short DVD, but with quite a few 60's videos
- TV-Compilation 2006. Short one, with various TV shows and some interviews. (3 Euros with one of the others...)
- UK-TV-Compilation 1, including; The Brit Awards (where they rip off their suits....), Can't Give You More video, from the launch of the RTYD happening, interviews, guinnes records etc., Let's Work Together vid. POMM vid. Roadhouse medley live, Amsterdam, great, Rhino with ponytail, hilarious! pop-quiz with Chris Tarrant, FUN(!), Live Aid with interviews, all songs.
- UK-TV-Compilation 2, including; I Didn't Mean It, Rugby World Cup opening Wembley Stadium playing Walk In The Room and RAOTW. Beach Boys & Quo, FFF (playback). A little from the courtcase interviews with R&P and Radio 1. TOTP2 DD. Don't Stop vid. RAOTW with a guest on a TV show.
Give Myself To Love, a fan performing a selfwritten, (LOL). All Around My Hat. Interview with Rick after his bypass op. Technicolour Dreams, Are You Growing Tired Of My Love.
More interviews with R&P.
Ramsau 99', Great setlist!! Including among others: Backwater, Softer Ride, Living On An Island, and One Man Band
- Como, Italy, 2004; fairly good audience recording; good pic
- Berlin 90'; Proshot. Great gig...VHS quality, both sound and pic, but good..
-Valle Hovin, Oslo, 87': Sound and pic. not good, but watchable, sound fairly better than picture.
-Off The Road + extras; live at the Marquee 72', DWMT and Paper Plane: -Beat Me Up - The Corrie Episodes:
-Sheffield, 2002; audience rec. but with good sound. Great to see the full Heavy Traffic stage!! Great gig
-Gothenburg, 92': audience recording, and someone has went to a lot of trouble making it look pro-shot. Too bad the picture suffers at times under disturbances, like those of an old VHS...the sound is ok, but nothing more. Great setlist though; including among others: One Man Band, Fakin' The Blues, No Problems, Dirty Water, a 12 min version of Roadhouse Blues, and RTYD...
-Heavy Traffic; H.M.S Ark Royal: Contains some 45 mins. footage of the live gig onboard the H.M.S. Ark Royal, + the playback when launching the HT album, something Rossi comments on with his usuall dry wit at the live-gig, also some footage of them and the press, pictures are taken, lovely women appears, Oh yes, lovely! Not pro-shot, but amazingly good sound and picture quality! Great concert!!-Montreux 2003, this one is not the full concert, some 60 mins, so it goes for 3 Euros with one of the others. Great gig though!-TV.comp. 73-85: Some bit's that are on other DVD's aswell, but some good interview parts. Rick playing LL and Rain with a group at some TV-show (fun, and heard worse!), and some other stuff aswell not on any of the others.-Out In The Green 86':Good gig. Sound ok, guitars a tad low in the mix though. Ok set, a bit short, (edited gig I suppose), excellent pic.wise. Rick smashes into one of the double black Marshall racks, and it just about...manages not to tip.LOL Pro-shot-Switzerland, Montreux 2004:Pro shot. Excellent sound and pic. Just as good as the Basel gig!
-TV Compilation 68-85, Video clips basically, many which are on others. +Video (TOTP?) for She Don't Fool Me.Interview/TV-show parts, with Rick, John Coghlan and Andy. Interview before the NEC 82' gig; with Alan & Rossi. R&P in a TV-show also just before the NEC 82' gig.. R&P, Andy and Pete in a TV-show...Pete with a black cat(??) LOL The Ball&Cannon (or was it Cannon&Ball???) show! Bloody hilarious!!! Great!! The whole Live Aid performance, with great sound.-Dutch TV-Compilation:Mainly POP (Count Down too)apperances 74-85. + Rossi&Frost (with Andy on keyboards); Modern Romance, Rick on Quo Day(79), is great!Interviews with Alan dressed in suit and tie(!) (79' or 81'), and with JC, R&P.--One To One: (Interviews with R&P) and some music clips.
-Quo Are Back In Belguim (Brussel 21.06.86'): Pro shot, but not the best sound, fairly good only. GREAT audience! A really lively gig-Sheffield, 15.12.86: Audience recording by the look of it. Fairly good sound.
-Rock Til You Drop, The Documentary: Quite different from the official video, RTYD, great stuff.
-Rock On And On: (Ch4 special where a BBC crew followed Quo for their winter-tour 2001. + TPAOY, VH1 Special.
-Heitere festival, 2003: Pro-shot. Great sound (!!) and all, but just one third of a show (33 mins), so this one goe swith one of the others for 3 Euros.
-Alton Towers 2004
-Early Quo vol1.
-Early Quo vol2 (Mostly VHS clips, converted to DVD-format, so not DVD quality pic. or soundwise. Plus 2 interviews with Alan and other interviews too, a great interview under the soundcheck of the NEC 82 gig, and a "pass the pie", including Rick and Philty and a couple more..hilarious!!)-Skanderborg (Denmark) 95'
-Neza-Mexico 2003'
-Germany - "Ohne Filter" 99'
-"XS All areas"- "Stars and Their Lives": (XS containing vid.clips and interviews with Nuff, Spud; Rick, Frame. Bob Geldof and others. Great one! - Stars and Their...A TV show with Rick in centre. Some great stuff, this being 99 or 01, Rick meeting the twins from The Highlights again, His son Richard being a guest, a very moving talk about the tragic loss of his daughter, Heidi, and on the other side, a real fun part where Rick meets his TWO first (of four actually!!LOL), girlfriends, interviews with long time pals, and Frame shows up too!
-Madrid75 +extras from; Stafford, Bingley Hall 77' and London, Marquee 72'
-EOTR+More from
-A Day In The Life Of
-VH1 Special
-Moscov 96'
-Bucharest 95' (This one is just half a show, so it goes with one of the others, for 3 Euros)
-John Coghlan Band (with Micky Moody!!) Live at "The Marquee" 85. DVD1: Good gig, the sound so so, but some highlights indeed; a cracking version of I Saw Hear Standing There, also more R&R classics, like Good Golly Miss Molly, also played, drumsolo from John, and Micky Moddy is one of a kind on slide guitar!!!
-John Coghlan Band; Live at "The Marquee" 85' DVD2 (Rick and Alan joins in for the latter part of the gig + interviews and a TV-show, great fun!)-AC/DC; In Concert 77', Awesome!! (this one not being a full gig, so it goes for 3 Euros together with one of the others)
- Def Leppard;Hysteria: “The Def Leppard Story (film)”, Slang (Promo), Me And My Wine (Promo), Heavy Metal Top 10 (6.3.99), MTV Interview
-Queen Live In Bucharest
-The Georgia Satelites, New York 88' (Joey Ramone shows up as guest-singer and the play "I Wanna Be Sedated"), and Hamburg 97', the first one being a real cracker with great sound! Dan Baird in prime form!!!Email any orders to:
Payments: Paypal, use this email-address:
(Some price examples:
1 DVD - 5 Euros...
4 DVD's -10-15 Euros...
10 DVD's, - 30 Euros...
These are ca. prizes; in reality it's often now as low as 10 DVD's coming to 25 Euros. All depending on the postage; sadly the 2nd highest in Europe...Also; something which has been practised from the start, which I see I should have had in writing on here; anyway...:
Only about 50-60% of all orders will be charged.This is down to a strict non-profit policy; which is the reason I got the thumbs up from Quo's Admin on the Quo MB to have this blog and distribute bootleg DVD's and other material. It is after all, illegal by the letters of the law; but spokesmen for Quo said they chose to 'turn a blind eye'; based of course, on the non-profit policy and the absence of any material officially published.
I ask of everyone visiting here a favour: As material is officially released all the time, and more and more bootlegs find their way into official published material; please help me to keep an keen eye out for new official material; so if any on here is officially published material; please email me straight away and make me aware of it. Any such material will then be removed asap.
All orders will be carefully handled; with a close communication to the one in the recieveing end. This to make sure you get the most honest and best treatment possible as a Quo-fan and user of this blog.
The policy and intent of this blog is to help spreading Quo bootlegs, for free or as cheap as possible. Any temporary 'profit' will find it's way into Megaupload Premium membership - which is needed to multi-upload files - and the ensuring of best as possible copies of DVD's.
The non-profit policy is strict, and held in the highest regard.
It's is a blog with a secondary intent to help get rid of the criminaly high-prized Ebay transactions and similar; where Quo bootlegs change hands for ridicilously high prizes.
It is if course down to each and everyone what they do with their money, but bootlegs should not ever be means to make money; thus the strict non-profit policy is what is first considered in every distribution of DVD's.
I ask of you, also; if you could see it in your heart to support the Shona Smile foundation.
In practical terms on here, it will mean donating a small sum of money to the Shona Smile foundation every time you recieve free DVD's from me. (Link further down...)
It is a blog by a Quo fan, and for Quo fans.
TIA: Teleboogie
OzQuo, thank you for your help with the DVD's mate!:-)
Also a big thank you to all that is helping in making this possible, with feeding me boots, DVD's, links, allready too many to name (truth is there are many, but I've no longer controll of who sent me what! LOL), but you know who you are; Thanks!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Deep Purple:,

LIVE; Strasbourg, France, 2010:







Wiesen, Austria, 2006 (This one is made by High Voltage):
Deep Purple & the Romania Philharmonic Orchestra, Strasbourg 2000:

Deep Purple, Strasbourg 96'CD1:



Vienna, 24.05.-09:


-Hordern Pavillon:

-Barbarella's Club:


-Four O'clock club, Fort Lauderdale 77':

- Some tracks from the San Francisco Old Waldorf gig, one from a BBC session, a 'rare' studio track (from Austrailan Powerage LP) and another live song from Offenbach

-Live at The Old Waldorf, San Fransico:

-Live, including "Up To My Neck In You!!!":


-Stronger Current; From the, Columbus, Ohio, Veterans Memorial, taken from a Radio Broadcast and included at the end is a short radio clip about Bon's tragic death):


-1979-09-08 - Warners Theater, Fresno, CA, USA - [Route 666 Vol I & II] - [CDR]:

-Towson-State College:


Newcastle, Mayfair Ballroom; 25.01:

-Live in Rochester:

Hammersmith Odeon:
Glasgow Apollo; 1st. night:
Glasgow Apollo, 2nd. night:
Flick Of The Switch US tour; Cincinnatti; great soud, almost soundboard quality!:

-Live in Swtzerland Disc1:

Disc 2:

-Basel 91':
-Live at The Roseland Ballroom:

-London, VH1 Studios 96':

-Seattle 96':
Paris 2001:(with Ride On as a 2ndencore!! as a tribute to the late John Lee Hooker who was supporting them on a fewgigs this tour and died some days before the Paris gig)
Milwaukee 2000:
New York, Roseland Hotel, 2003:
Phoenix, radiobroadcast, 2000:

AC/DC; Link to a site with LOADS of AC/DC bootlegs!!!:

-Rare, rarer...rarities:


-November 12, 2006 - New Theatre - Oxford, England:

-June 8, 2002 - Sweden Rock Festival - Solvesborg, Sweden:

-November 29, 2000 - Sport Hall - Luleå, Sweden:

-May 21, 1998 - The Docks - Hamburg, Germany:

-June 10, 1983 - Apollo Theatre - Manchester, England:

-November 2, 2006 - Newcastle City Hall - Newcastle, England:

-City Hall, Newcastle, 22.03.82':

-Blitzkreig in Birmingham:

-Rockefeller, Norway:

-Lemmys 50th. birthday-bash:

-1984-10-13 Great YarmouthRadio Broadcast:

-June 10, 1983 - Apollo Theatre - Manchester, England:

-July 2, 1993 - Roskilde Festival - Roskilde, Denmark

-Live in Stockholm 2005

Siouxsie&The Banshees, November 5th:





1991; July:

Disc. 1-7:

-Paris; 07.03.91':

Status Quo Bootlegs:

in the 70's, updated working links on top in each section:

-Birmingham 77' disc 1: & Disc 2:

-Rennes 79', Including Rockers Rollin' and Like A Good Girl, Disc 1:
-Disc 2:













Olympia 75' CD1




Rare clips and recordings from 72'-74'!
Status Quo 1970-07-10 Munich,GER Eisstadion M1-AUD

More from Hershie's Rare-Quo...with live version of :
-Paris 75':
disc 3:
-Live at LYON, Palais Des Sports, 22/12/1976; (New link, as the other gig was zipped in a way that made it difficult to open, now it's working as it should though):
Bingley Hall, Stafford, 03.07.76':
Sindelfingen 78':
-Somwhere in AUSTRALIA 78':
-Reading Festival 73', including a 26 min. version of; Is It Really Me/Gotta Go Home!!!:
-Marseille 75':
-Newcastle 75':
-Dublin 73':
-A GEM!! one of the best bootlegs I've ever heard!! Fantastic sound!! Mainz 75':

-Osaka 76, disc 1:
-Eisc 2:
-Olympia 75 CD1:

-Hammersmith 79' CD1:
-Heidelberg 73'.including Someones Learning!:

-Sweden radiobraodcast 71':
-Amsterdam 77':
-Oslo 74':
Status Quo Bootlegs:
in the 80's:

Updated links on top in each section; links in grey or blue...New links in red...ENJOY!

With a HUGE and many thank you's to LukeHargreaves, Rocker's Paradise give you the infamous, and now bordering on famous as-well: THE 82' REHEARSALS TAPES! It is zip files, but if wanted as dropbox 'directly', just give me a heads up. 


The 1982 rehearsals folks!! Disc1.


82 rehearsals artwork!
82- artwork
82-artwork - all three links artwork for the rehearsals tapes.

Dortmund 82, with artwork!

Dortmund 82 jpg

Friday Rock Show 83', Live at the NEC





St-Austell-81 Disc1

-St. Austell 81' disc2 

LIVE AID 85'!!

Paris-81' Disc1

Paris-81' Disc2

Paris-81' Disc3

Paris 81 Disc4

-82' rehearsals:
CD- Covers:
acecourse; ATL Radio, 81!:


-Hammersmith Odeon, 27.06.84 Disc1':

-Berlin 88' , including tracks like: Who Get's The Love, Medley: A blues-jam(!!)-Red River Rock and even a little bit og POMM!); Disc 1:
-Madrid 81':




-Torbay 89':

Glasgow Apollo Theater1984

-Hammersmith 81':
-Glasgow 82':
-NEC - Rockin' All Over The Years, 89:
-Oslo, Valle Hovin, 87 CD1:
-Stockholm 86':
-Manchester 81':
-Winterhur 81':
-Disc 2:
-Udine - Italy, 81' Disc1:
-Disc 2:







-Hammersmith Odeon 82':
-Lausanne 84':

Status Quo Bootlegs:
in the 90's:

New - WORKING -Links in blue (or grey); new links thanks to Luke Hargreaves in red!:

Can't Stop; Wembley Arena 96' with artwork! - Disc1


Wembley Arena jpg










-Princes Trust 94'; encore:
-Paris, Zenith; 94', (good sound!), disc1:
-Mulhouse, France, 22-11-96:
-Night Of The Proms shows:

-Copenhagen 98':
-NEC, 1999:
-Royal Albert Hall, Princes Trust, 94:
-La Cigale Theatre, 25.06.96. Disc 1:

-Disc 2:

-Eppelheim, 01.12.98:



-Dusseldorf 16.05.96':
-Knebworth. 30.06.90:

-Glasgow 91'. Including Like A Zombie, Fakin' The Blues and No Problems!
-Disc 1:
-Disc 2:
-The millenium concert 99':
-Munich 94':

Moscov-96 disc1


-Manchester 99':
Status Quo Bootlegs:
In the 00's:

NEW gigs (links more correctly) in blue (or grey)...:













Guilfest 2005-Disc2




Liverpool-Philharmonic-31-01-05 Disc2

Newcastle-City-Hall-06-11-03 Disc1

Newcastle-City-Hall-06-11-03 Disc2

-Paris, Casino; 17-10-2009:
-Doncaster, 23.07.2009:
Bristol, 2008':
-Newcastle, 27.09.2008':
Nantes-France, 2008':
-Whitehaven 2008' Disc1:
-Radio2 Concert (not sure exactly when, but after TPAOY:


-London Excel centre 25.7.08. British Car Show:
Austria 2008:
-07-01 - Bratislava - NTC Sibamac Arena:, disc1
-07-11 - Dornbirn - Messestadion, disc1:
-07-09 - Wien - Gasometer C (Bank Austria Halle), disc1:
-07-08 - Graz - Orpheum, disc1:
-Thetford, 7.6.2008:
Ayr-Racecourse concert May, 2008, disc1, 2, 3, 4, 5:

Wise Man፣ old boy in Quo  

-Amnêville, La Galaxie, France 16.10.2007:, Disc 1:
-Disc 2:
-Melbourne 30.4.2006 , disc1:
-Bulldog Bash 08-10-07. New recording with brilliant sound!
-Plymouth Pavillion; 18.11.07; disc 1:Kobling
-Disc 2:
-Hannover, Expo Plasa festival 08.06.2007:
-Hassleholm, Sweden 2007, Disc 1 :
-Disc 2:
-Sheffield 2007:
-Wembley 15/12 2007:
-AWH Halle, Hannover, Germany 08.10.06:

-Tonhalle, Munich, Germany 17.10.06:

-Phoenixhalle, Mainz, Germany:

A rockin' thank you to John, for providing the German tour gigs, 2006; simply awesome mate!!

-Heavy Traffic over Austria, 2003:
-Audley End 2004, disc 1:
-Disc 2:
Radioshow, Classic21, Quo-Special, with interview:
Montreux; 2004:
Linz, 2006, (made by High Voltage):
Basel 2005; fantastic concert and sound!:
Sheperds Bush Empire, 27.03.2000:
Newport 2003:
Liverpool Big Top Arena stuff on a free CD and the live B-Sides from Emden,!2005:

Colmar, Open Air Show France12.08.01, disc 1:
Disc 2:
Stuttgart, 07.06.2000, disc 1:
Disc 2:
Rastatt, Germany. 03.05.02 Disc 1:

Disc 2:

Newport 2002:
Down Under 2006:
Sheffield 2001 Disc 1:
Disc 2:
Palais Theatre 2006,2nd. night:
Samnau 2006:

Chicago 2003': (Temporarily missing...)

Sweden rock 2005':
Wiener Neustadt 2000':
Gutenberg-Austria 2002:
At Styria/Piberstein-Maria Lankowitz: